Picture of lock on door (taken by Jina Jay)

Oops…I’m a blogger now?

I found it a bit nerve-wracking starting this blog. The WordPress environment, although based on presets, felt a bit alien to me. It reminded me of the first time, I sent a tweet. Unlike writing reports and dissertations, the pursuit of the perfectly edited version of your vision and opinions is not afforded in the quick turn-around environment of blogging. You have to get used to writing differently. I can tell this will take some time getting used to; especially, as I am also just starting my research into screenwriting. I predict that this will change, as I become more familiar with the topic I’m looking into.

On top of that, it took some time to find the theme that suited the type of blog, I wanted. Once you have made your choice, you’ll need to explore the Theme’s features and unlock its limitations. So, far I’m happy with the Apostrophe and its magazine-style format. I still have to get used to no font size option available in the edit menu. I’ll need to figure out how to HTML my way out of a few things, so that will be interesting.

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