Review: What went wrong (or right) with Iron Fist?

A Crossfade TV Review:

Iron Fist (2017-), episodes 1-6

Note: no spoilers, just a short opinion, so safe to read on…

I was really looking forward to Iron Fist (2017-), but unfortunately, it disappointed. I am a big fan of the other Marvel Netflix series: Daredevil (2015-) Season 1, Jessica Jones (2015-) and Luke Cage (2016-). And, although the premise of the Iron Fist story is interesting, I think the problem is an issue of casting. I think someone of the stature and ‘fighting’ ability of Daniel Wu from Into the Badlands (2015-) would have made a better Iron Fist. The story also moves along quite slowly at the beginning, but as more characters are introduced; such as the wonderful Rosario Dawson and the intriguing Madame Gao, played by Wai Ching Ho, I’m hoping that Iron Fist himself will soon make his mark. I’m on episode 6 at the moment, so here’s hoping.

In a recent interview (Shepherd, 2017), Finn Jones said that he was not able to train for his fight scenes “as much as [he] would have liked to.” I think, it shows. The scenes are sluggish in comparison to the speed and choreography, we see in Into the Badlands (2015-).

Iron Fist (2017) – Trailer

SHEPHERD, J. (ed.) (2017) Iron Fist has Finn Jones on the defensive – our interview with the ex-Game of Thrones actor and Marvel superhero. Independent, Thursday 16 March 2017 retrieved from:

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