Picture of Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert in Anne with an E

Remakes or deflates? (updated)

26 March 2017 – I am not a fan of remakes, however, a few surprises have appeared on the silver screen along the way. I loved the revamp of the Star Trek franchise. The alternate time storyline and the superb impersonation of Shatner’s James T. Kirk by Chris Pine equaled to my complete acceptance of JJ Abram’s new vision of where the Enterprise will boldly go…and that is including his overuse of lens flares and camera shaking. 

My brother (another movie buff in the family) can’t stand the flares and the way Abram shakes the cameras, but I think they are great. It’s so we-are-in-space-man! Sad to see that Abram has promised his wife that he would not use lens flares in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Clymer, 2017), but I’m sure my brother will be celebrating. 

Anne with an E poster
“Anne with an E” poster

24 May 2917 – There is another remake, I have come around to accept. Anne with an E (2017) on Netflix. I would still say that nothing compares to the original Anne of Green Gables (1985), but the new one was filmed beautifully and is endearing in its own way. The story, however, is moving along a lot faster than in the original. Colleen Dewhurst’s Marilla Cuthbert is still one of my favorite characters from the old series, and Geraldine James‘ performance as the ‘new’ Marilla’ is just wonderful. I would definitely recommend that you give the series a chance.


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