On TV this week

New Update: Jina’s TV-series watchlist 2017

TV series: Where: Day:
Suggestion? Please comment below. Thx. Mondays
Better Call Saul (2017) season 3 Netflix Tuesdays
The 100 (2017) season 4  E4 Wednesdays
The Good Fight (2017) season 1 Channel 4 Thursdays
 Jamestown (2016) – season 1  Sky Fridays
 Suggestion? Please comment below. Thx.   Saturday
Poldark (2017) – season 3 BBC 1 Sunday
Sunday 11 June 2017 –

Tonight Poldark galloped over the sprawling vistas of Cornwall’s iconic landscape and onto our screens, ushering in the third installment of the popular BBC drama.  Episode one doesn’t disappoint, as we settle down on the sofa to see what happens to Elizabeth, Ross and Dezmelda. 

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