House of Cards Poster

House of Cards – Season 1 (2013)

House of Cards (2013-) is a fantastic show!

It did take me a while to start this series. I watched episode one and wasn’t sure if I liked the fact that the main character addresses you directly. So, I left it for weeks on My Netflix List hoping to return to it one day, once I’d exhausted other Netflix offerings.

I finally decided to give it another chance. The web was buzzing with talks about the show and it promised drama like no other. The fact that Underwood addresses you actually become an integral part of the viewing experience. You become complicit as the silent ‘fly on the wall.’ American politics like you’ve never seen it before. You will not be disappointed.

Trailer for House of Cards – Season 1 (2013):

I have not seen the original British House of Cards (1990) mini Tv-series, but I’ve heard that it is just a good. Is that true?


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