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The Bright Sessions – The (really) Short Review (Ep. 1-3)

Alert…includes spoilers.

My sister-in-law suggested that I listen to The Bright Sessions – a science-fiction audio screenplay “about therapy for the strange and unusual” (Shippen, 2017). I will update this post with a short review when I complete an episode. Don’t hesitate to join the discussion below in the comment section. 

Episode 1 – I thought it was quite captivating. It is a funny notion that Patient 12’s reason for having therapy is because she time travels. The highlight was definitely how she departed the session. An excellent performance by the actress who plays Sam.

Episode 2 – I didn’t enjoy this one as much as episode 1. It moved a bit slower at the beginning, which could be down to the fact that Patient 12’s source of anxiety is his empathetic powers and how he hates it. He was, understandably perhaps, very reluctant to answer questions. His outbursts of anger, however, were most notable in an otherwise slow session. Not sure if I’m ’empathetic’ enough towards his problem. I will have to wait until episode 5 to see if that changes.

Episode 3 –  And, it’s back to form. Chloe is an interesting patient. She can hear angels. They speak to her and tell her what people around her are thinking. The doctor will need to find a way to control her own thoughts, if she is to help Chloe control her ‘ability.’



Shippen, L. (2016). Patient #12. [podcast] The Bright Sessions. Available at: http://about therapy for the strange and unusual [Accessed 21 Jun. 2017].


    • I agree in this case. It’s not like he can read minds or anything. He can only feel what they feel…and he is not even able to control his own ‘feelings’ about it all. We’ll see what happens in episode 5. Until then, I’m looking forward to episode 3 and the introduction to a new patient, Chloe.


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