Does Grit Change Over Time?

via Grit | The Daily PostI 

When I saw today’s prompt word, grit, I thought philosophically at once, that I have always considered myself a person of great grit. Setting my mind to something and then forging ahead. However, I think that has changed over time.

When I was young, I was fearless. I believed that with determination one could reach any heights. Almost to the level of naively so sometimes. Probably protected from disappointment by my youthful ignorance of the dangers of such ways. There is no cronyism in the world, right? You will be given that amazing promotion cause you worked hard and they hire people on merit, right? Of course, you don’t then get to see the one who got the job; and then find out that the expectation is that you train this person who, of course, was the ‘best candidate’ for the job. Grit means nothing in some circumstances, then?

These days, cautionary tales appear to dominate one’s thinking. Perhaps it is not so much my grit that is the issue? Perhaps the world is just not as welcoming to a show of grit today, as it once was? The 90s is where I spent my 20s. It was hopeful times and I was looking forward to the new millennium with optimism and expectations (in spite of the predicted Y2K bug supposedly about to crash the world’s computers).

These days…the after effects of the global recessions rumbles on, leaving a bitter taste of disappointment as we realise that as a planet we need to do better. The rise of populism, Brexit and the smaller Toblerone bar is unsettling. But then, perhaps now is the best time to apply whatever grit you have left and make a change for yourself or for someone else?

I’m really not as pessimistic, as I appear above. I have, however, become more of a realist than an optimist. I think, my grit has changed accordingly. I may be a realist, but giving up the can-do attitude would be impossible. I think it may just be part of my DNA. 🙂


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