Characters in Screenplays (podcast)

Recorded using Plantronics C310 headset with Mircosoft Expression. Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2017. Exported to format H.264 and with preset Youtube 1080p HD.

Direct quotes:

“…defines who he is and makes us like… him” (Snyder, 2005, p. xv)

“…the paradoxes within the character to create complexity” (Seger, 1990, p. 23)

“…the events in your screenplay are going to happen as a result of who your character is” (King, 2005, )

KING, V. (2005) How to write a movie in 21 days: the Inner Movie Method. New York: Harper Collins
SEGER, L. (1990) Creating unforgettable characters. New York: Henry Holt.
SNYDER, B. (2005) Save the cat!: the last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need. Studio City, CA: M. Wiese Productions.

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