Picture of my homemade espresso

Satisfaction = Homemade Espresso

via Satisfaction | The Daily Post

Satisfaction happens when I make the perfect espresso on my Andrew James 15 Bar Pump Barista Coffee Maker. The featured picture is one of many of my accomplishments. As a coffee appreciator, I can vouch for the mindfulness that comes with making your own brew. The ground coffee aroma alone will wake you up in the morning. I currently use the 200 degrees in-house bean: Brazilian Love Affair.  I highly recommend it, if you like a dark roasted coffee with a real kick to it.

Mindfulness, perfection and satisfaction = Homemade espresso.

picture of coffee bean I use in my coffee



  1. Odd – just around the time you posted this I made myself an espresso – with a Breville Cafe Roma. I had opened a fresh packet of 454 Horsepower dark roast from Kicking Horse (Fair Trade, certified organic) which was pretty good but not quite as great as their Grizzly Claw. I was especially pleased with the crema, but while I was thinking I ought to take a picture of it, I absent mindedly picked up the tiny cup and swallowed the lot in one gulp.

    So I posted a sushi pic instead.

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