Convert your excel table into HTML

Until I discovered this converter website, I would actually type out the tr, td and table codes. Not necessarily a problem, unless you intend to create a large table with many columns and rows. It is, therefore, useful to see that there is a tool, you can use to convert larger tables into the relevant HTML codes, which you can later embed into your posts via the HTML tab in the edit’s window. Copy and paste your excel sheet table into and it will turn it into the relevant table tags.

An HTML table is identified by the <table> tag. The rest of the code will be made up of the tr, th, and td tags.

  • <tr> is  for a table row
  • <th> is for  a table header
  • <td> is for a cell

Try out your own codes on the W3School’s TryIt Editor. Maybe add another column using the tags:

Table HTML codes
Figure 1: HTML codes for a table

You can try out HTML codes on the TryIt Editor.

W3Schools is an online developer’s tutorial site and a great source for HTML codes.

Table Code:

table, th, td {
border: 1px solid black;
<th>Column 1</th>
<th>Column 2</th>
<td>cell in column 1 row 1</td>
<td>cell in column 2 row 1</td>
<td>cell in column 1 row 2</td>
<td>cell in column 2 row 2</td>

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