Screen Shot Adobe InDesign CC 2017

InDesign Animate and Publish

Adobe InDesign CC 2017 has an animate and publish function that allows you to create interactive documents. These can be linked to or embedded on websites. does not allow an Adobe Publish document embedding, so insert the ‘shared’ link to a post to allow visitors to click and load the page.

In this video, we will go through the tools to use in the Adobe InDesign workspace to animate your shared documents. I used this method to create the 9-minute-movie ruler in the 21 Day Challenge post.

Click here to see one of the examples illustrated in the video.

Re-recorded using RØDE Podcaster NT_USB Microphone and reuploaded on 02/09/17. Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2017. Exported to format H.264 with preset Youtube 1080p.


WEI, J. (2016). Publish InDesign documents online | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jun. 2017].



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