How to add a complete image URL in a post

I have learned a lot about setting up a blog on WordPress and I keep learning something new every day. I am particularly happy discovering markdowns, which will stop the visual editor from converting HTML code into an HTML object.The shortcodes also make writing posts quick and fun; however, it did cause a problem when I tried to add a reference link to some images in the post.

I found a workaround with inserted images, where I can add the URL image link to the caption. However, to add it in a referencing entry (see an example of format below), the shortcode feature just converted it into an image. The reason, I’m looking into this is because you can’t add a link to a featured image; even, if you are adding it via the Add Media by URL option in the editor.

ORIGINATOR (Year) Description or title of image. [Online image] Available from: web address [Accessed dd/mm/yy]

So, I tried using the markdown codes to see if I could prevent the image URLs from converting. See my attempts below. It turns out Markdown codes cannot prevent the URL converting; however, amend the link text in the Add Link window did it!

Attempt 1: unsuccessful

Attempt 2: partial success

-using the link ref markdown – partially successful, although it adds a link to the ‘url’ as a link ref.

[linkref]: url "Man in the High Castle Poster" {#id .class}

Attempt 3:  partial success

-adding a simpler linkref works,  but it still doesn’t add the whole URL. I suppose this could be used in-lieu of the actual link, if necessary.


ORIGINATOR (Year) Description or title of image. [Online image] Available from:[linkref] [Accessed dd/mm/yy]

Attempt 4: Success
  1. add some random text
  2. then use the link button in the editor and the URL.
  3. Finally, edit the link text in the Add Link window or edit text in the HTML tab.
  4. Ta-daaa 🙂

Reference: (n.d.) The Man in the High Castle (2015-) Poster. [Online image] Available from:,0,182,268_AL.jpg  [Accessed 02/07/17]


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