Blade Runner 2049 – a glorious display of cinematography

A bad back made the 2 hours and 44 minutes of Blade Runner 2049 (2017) a challenge to sit through at the cinema yesterday. However, the visual fortress that is this film is an absolute testament to the ability and vision of the director, cinematographer, and the production team. It made it all worth it.

What an absolutely wonderful visual feast it was. I was particularly dazzled by the way they treated water in all its forms throughout the film. It followed our hero’s journey and the stages of his discovery beautifully. We get to see the visual treatment of the rain pouring down straight. Fine multi-directional rain, as it is whipped up by the winds and hits you, as you ride around a corner. Horizontal rain, as it falls on the Spinners’ windshield. Then, as we approach the end of the film, at the “All-is-Lost” (King, 2005, p. 41) moment, the water turns into an ocean of water…pounding on our heroes’ attempt to escape.

Water transforms again at the end of the film, at the point of “resolution” (King, 2005, p. 41), into fine snowflakes, cloaking the scene in beautiful whiteness. A vast array of dusty colors was ever-present throughout the film; so to then end with this visually metaphorical representation of the resolution with white snowflakes, was the perfect conclusion to this visual cinematic ride.


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